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About Office 365 backup

Office 365 Backup is the leader in backup solutions that deliver Cloud Data Management™. We provide a single platform for modernizing backup, accelerating hybrid cloud and securing your data. Our solutions are simple to install and run, flexible enough to fit into any environment and always reliable.

Our Story

We focused on simplifying backups for virtual machines.

We quickly became a leader in backup with the fastest and most reliable data recovery in virtual environments.

We make sure data is always available, protected and actively working for businesses across the globe. This means, regardless of where your data resides – physical systems, SaaS services, public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud – our platform helps hundreds of thousands of companies keep their businesses running.

We continue to charge forward to innovate the industry and deliver simple, flexible and reliable solutions.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted provider of Backup solutions that deliver Cloud Data Management.

Our Platform

Office 365 Backup Cloud Data Management Platform

Office 365 Backup Cloud Data Management Platform is the most complete solution to help our customers evolve the way they manage data, making it smarter and more self-governing while ensuring its availability across any application or cloud infrastructure.

It’s a single platform for cloud, virtual and physical to meet all your needs. It helps customers on the journey to modernizing their Backup practice, accelerating hybrid cloud, and adhering to data security standards and regulations.

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